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First up to date for this present day: Rebecca Esparza slept nicely thoughout the nighttime. Observed the overall medical professional as of late, and he was once all for her low urine output, low white blood mobile matter and accelerated creatinine stage. It appears, in view that she's not a spring chook, the kidneys depend on a powerful coronary heart and strain to get the blood to the organs. She gained a pint of blood to aid strengthen her tiers -- now not simply because she's wasting any. Excellent news is that she's been burping slightly, lastly had her first BM because the surgical treatment and issues are waking up. Plus, her white cells in urine urine is now mild yellow with out the tinge of blood in it. She had a organic volume of Cream of Wheat a little bit previously with honey and a few Dr. Pepper plus had an urge for food!