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Adult females, how smartly were you aware your husband/fiance/boyfriend. Replica, paste and fill inside the reply. Then tag him see the way you do! scary movie 2

1. He's sitting in the front of the television, what's he observing?
- searching tutor or horrifying motion picture


2. You might be out to devour, what sort of dressing does he get on his salad?

three. Title a delicacies he hates?
- salmon patties

four. You exit to devour and feature a drink, what may he order?
- coke

five. In demand style of song?

6. What's his nickname for you?
- Kooter

7. What's one thing he may acquire?
-Baseball playing cards

eight. What might he devour day by day if He may possibly?

nine. What's his cereal of resolution?
-Fruity peebles

10. What may he certainly not put on?
-A Seminole blouse

eleven. What's his popular sporting activities group?
- Gators

12. What's a specific thing you do this he wants you would not do?
- get quiet after we argue

thirteen. You bake him a cake for his birthday, what type is it?
- vanilla or strawberry

14: Well-liked game?

15. What may perhaps he spend all day doing?

Dakota LeviGarret Kemp

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