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get to grasp me more suitable!
generic tips:
♡ gender: girl
♡ sexuality: raw angel hair
♡ top: five'zero...
♡ hair coloration: eco-friendly
♡ dating standing: endlessly by myself

popular issues:
♡ renowned color: black/gray/cobalt blue
♡ in deguyd music: Angel via Aerosmith
♡ generic band / artist: Nicole Dollanaganger/Coma Cinema/Youngster Suicide/Elvis Depressedly/Dandelion Fingers photography tumblr alone boy
♡ commonplace youtubers:Nikkie Tutorials(did i spell that proper) and Jeffree
♡ well-known delicacies: rice w unsolicited mail
♡ favorite friend: Priscilla
♡ usual poultry: owls
♡ established animal: Manta Rays/Octopus/Chameleon
♡ regularly occurring movie star: nah i am going to get made exciting of
♡ accepted time of day? Naptime
♡ general trip(s): ion rejoice any
♡ regular season: autumn
♡ prominent fruit: pomegranates
♡ established flower: no
♡ well-known emoji(s): 🕳
♡ famous app: facebook, tumblr, i suggest i exploit all of them so
♡ famous activity: pictures
♡ generic u . s . a .: i have never been at any place else
♡ familiar climate: wet n gloomy
♡ well-known issue: water
♡ preferred language: english n spanish

call of:
♡ identify of your weigh down: n/a
♡ identify of your puppy(s): Sushi, Ginger, Yoshi, Tito, Mustard, Cricket, Mushu
♡ title(s) of your ally(s): they comprehend who they're

this or that?
♡ introvert or extrovert: introvert
♡ nerdy or sassy: sassy as FUCK
♡ tall or brief: quick af
♡ seems or character: character
♡ homesick or traveller: either
♡ musician or artist: they are either artists in their very own paintings tf
♡ woods or urban: each
♡ television or youtube: I'm able to WATCH YOUTUBE ON MY Television
♡ cellphone or workstation: guy
♡ spouse and children or fee: loved ones??
♡ books or films: books
♡ nutrition or sleep: Oh god
Stolen from: Ikki Minami

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