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Something persons would possibly not find out about me. I have suffered from "Bipolar Illness" or "Manic Despair " on account that my early 20's.

It is 26 years of depakote, or lithium, or Wellbutrin, or Latuda daily.

It will get tiresome. Combating the sickness... Yet what is worse is all of the entire of humanity wondering that you're outlined by means of your disorder.


In some cases I do not take my meds as it feels superior "Using the Lightning" with no the stuffy, restrictive fog that comes over your mind. A no longer so "Worthy" lithium side effects edge impression of the medication.

What is worse is whilst workers suppose they be aware of you, or your illness, and believe they're in a wiser place to administer your contamination than you're.

From my attitude. Every person has their go to endure. Mine is only named "Bipolar".

So if I let you know to fuck off... Or forget about you... Or not it's most definitely since you stepped over a line you recognize not anything approximately.

Rant over.

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