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2016 02 26

Hugs, acquaintances and frenemies! wink emoticon wink emoticon

Me: “Today’s powerful oaokay was as soon as a unmarried nut who held it’s flooring.” -Mark Twain wink emoticon wink emoticon


Today the Greek Orthodox celebrate:

? Fast Loose
? Friday of Prodigal Son
? Porphyrius, Bishop of Gaza
? The Holy Great Martyr Photine, the Samaritan Girls
? Holy Martyr Theocletus
? John Claphas the brand new Martyr

Catholics celebrate:

† St. alexander
† St. alexander of alexandria
† St. Dionysius of augsburg
† St. Faustinian
† St. Isabel of France
† St. Papias
† St. Porphyry of Gaza
† St. Victor

Today is:

? Liberation Day (Kuwait)

Today is also:

? Carnival Day
? National Pistachio Day
? Inform a Fairy Tale Day

Pistachios: heart emoticon heart emoticon

? Pistachio nuts are a member of the cashew family, related intently to mangos, sumac and even poison ivy.
? Iran produces greater pistachios than anew york different u . s . on the earth with over 200k lots in keeping with year.
? In asia they are primarily pointed out as ‘green almonds & the ‘happy nut’. In Iran they are called the ‘smiling nut’
? Male pistachio timber are alternate bearing, meaning they produce heavier plants any other year.
? all pistachio shells are naturally beige in coloration. Malong island companies dye inferior nuts purple or inexperienced.

In this day in:

? 1852 John Harvey Kellogg was born. a health delicacies pioneer, he advanced the 1st breakfast cereals, Granostril (flaked wheat) and toasted corn flakes for his patients.
? 1857 Emile Coue was born. a French pharmacist, he was an advocate of autosuggestion. He prompt repeating here sentence 15 to twenty occasions inside the morning and night: “Every day, and in each way, I am transforming into more suitable and bigger.” It's miles saidentification that 20% claim it really works.
? 1895 Michael Joseph Owens patented an automatic glass blowing machine that would make a number of bottles at the same time. It was a mammoth advance in bottle making, spurring the mass sale of beer, alcohol and sodas.
? 1903 RIP Wealthyard Jordan Gatling. He was the inventor of the Gatling gun. He also advanced machines for sowing rice, wheat, and different grains, alengthy with the steam plow.
? 1928 Fats Domino (antoine Domino) was born in New Orleans. One of rock-and-roll’s earliest stars. One of his early hits was ‘Blueberry Hill’ in 1956.
? 1993 a bomb explodes at the arena Trade Heart killing 6 other people.
? 1870 the primary Ny city subway line opened. The quick-lived line was pneumatic powered.
? 1963 HOBIE surfboards trademark registered.

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